It’s not a pretty website, but it’s here. In true cobbler’s fashion — You know, where the cobbler’s kids always need shoes? — I’ve been working on my clients’ projects and grading my students’ activities instead of working on my own web presence.

Self talk this morning: “That’s it. If I’m going to get this thing together, I need to light a fire. I need urgency. What better way to create urgency than to go live?”

So here I am with a continued work in progress. I’ve downloaded the brand-new-super-slick template I want to use, and the developer package to make it work. Next step is to learn, to teach myself how it all works.

Meanwhile, Plain Jane website it is, and I can live with that for now. Hey, people can figure out how to get in touch with me, and that’s what is really important — more so than toys and whistles and pretty picture. So thank you again for your patience, and please don’t stray too far. I’ll need some feedback on improvements as they come along. Cheery-oh for now!